Why Mediation

mediation benefits

*Why Mediation…This does not include consultation with your attorneys or preparation of your Property Settlement Agreement. However, since your attorneys act as legal advisors during the mediation process and don’t have to spend numerous hours preparing for trial as in a contested divorce, your legal fees will be dramatically less. You will generally save at least the expense of one attorney.

Divorce Mediation…The benefits of divorce mediation are powerful and clear:

  • Mediation saves you considerable time and money.
  • Mediation makes you more committed to the agreement since it is you who works through it instead of your attorneys. 
  • Mediation gives you a sense of control over the process and allows you to maintain your dignity. 
  • You—not a judge—determine what is fair distribution of assets/liabilities, spousal support, custody, parenting time, and child support. 
  • Mediation helps you learn to talk to each other, enhancing communication for a more cooperative future relationship, especially in your working partnership as parents. 
  • By applying the principle of fairness, mediation maximizes the benefits for everyone and proportionally distributes the sacrifices.

Divorce Mediation…Communication in Contested Divorce vs. Mediation

mediation diagram

Divorce Mediation…This graphic clearly depicts why mediation is faster, less stressful, and more affordable than contested divorce. In a typical divorce, spouses don’t talk directly with each other, leaving their lawyers to negotiate for them. Mediation breaks down this serious communication barrier and sets the tone for cooperation. With the guidance of a capable mediator, spouses actively work together to reach a fair agreement on the essential issues of support, assets, and parenting.

A mediator will bring process and content expertise to your negotiations. He will move you swiftly and productively toward a mutually agreeable resolution by:

  • Setting an agenda.
  • Starting from areas of agreement to establish a foundation then addressing areas of controversy.
  • Providing relevant information and examples from experience as needed.
  • Averting misunderstandings and clarifying intentions.
  • Helping you see your spouse’s perspective without losing sight of your own position.

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